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Hi, I'm Delicia E.

Photography found me back in 2016. After years of capturing and collecting photos of family and friends i decided to take my picture taking skills up a notch and brought my first Canon DLSR Camera. With my future family in mind, i wanted to master photography and as time went on i found that photography and me we meant to be. Its one of my favorite forms of art and i get to capture not only memorable moments for others but i get to explore my creative visions as well. 

when im not behind the camera you can find me listening to music and dancing like nobody is watching, even if someone is lol. reading a book or article and lets not forget scouting new restaurants around town.

over the past couple years i have stepped out of my comfort zone with the help of my clients believing in me, challenged myself to try things new and invested in myself and the art of photography to make sure my clients are receiving the highest quality of work from me. my inspiration for my work comes from music, art old images, walking around houston and sometimes my own memories.

i love what i do!

I'm excited you wanted to know more and I'm looking forward to working with you!

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