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Black History Month Campaign w/Christian Spears

Hey Hey Hey,

I'm back again with a new creative series called the Black History Month Campaign. I know it has been a while since I've done a series and I'm super excited about this one.

Over the years I have seen a lot of posts about people not getting their flowers while they were alive and that sparked the idea for this campaign. On top of a good friend of mine reminding me of my first series and how great it was. (thank you G!)

For this series, I worked with a number of businesses no matter if they were just starting or been in business for years and I collaborated with them on branding for their business.

I remember how I use to say I would start this one I had proper photos for a flyer or my website so I wanted to help these business owners out by capturing them in their essence.

the first business owner I highlighted was Christian Spear. Sis is a budget coach and drops gems on how to be more financially free on her blog and Instagram. She and I also go back to those good ole Westside high school dance team days (Whoop, whoop, PRIDE!)

She and I met at a cute little coffee shop here in Houston and we got to catch up and talk about the importance of financial literacy while I captured the BOSS that she is.

Just like I did in my previous project, I asked each business owner a series of questions following our shoot so that you can get to know who the business owner is a little more. :)

As you view the images from her brand session listen to our short conversation.


(sidenote: this was recorded on my phone lol so don't come for me :) )

Get in touch with Christan Spear:

"Christian Spear - Your Partner & Your Plan"

Instagram: @thechristianspear - Where she host the Money Monday's segment to teach others how to save more, spend less, and get out of debt for good!

Website: - Where she blogs about her debt-free journey, and where you can apply to work with her as their budget coach!

YouTube: Christian Spear - Where she gives detailed information on her debt-free journey and drops gems about all aspects of life in general.

Favorite Quote: "The only thing you need to achieve your biggest, scariest goals is a partner and a plan!" - Christian Spear


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