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Her Mind | His Mind 001

Over the past four years of being a photographer in the world of photography, I never attempted to do a personal project. Maybe at the beginning when I first brought my camera, because who is paying you if you barely know how to turn it on, lol, but as I've grown my craft I have yet to explore my visions or ideas.

Back in November of 2019, the 23rd to be exact, I went for it. So here is Volume 1 of the Her MIND | His MIND Series featuring Mr. Tye, the owner of The Lafayette, a Historic shop where you can walk in and it feels like home, where you can buy antique novelties, suits, shoes and more.

A Life-changing moment happened to me in his shop. In the midst of us talking about life along with my friends and others I asked him if I could take photos of him in his store he said "of course". It was out of nowhere that I asked but I could see the vision, so it was only right that he lead my series. Mr. Tye wasn't particularly ready to shoot this day, I can be quite spontaneous at times, so when I came to his shop and was like "heyyyy, I have my camera on me, which is rare, want to shoot? :)" he was hesitant at first since he wasn't GQ like he wanted to be but as you can see Mr. Tye has a natural swag and I was able to capture his natural essence which stood out to me when we first met.

In this project, I also asked all of my muses 1 question following our shoot. It was not preplanned, so whatever question came to me I asked.

As you view the images from his project listen to our short conversation.


(sidenote: this was recorded on my phone lol so don't come for me :) )


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