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Her Mind | His Mind 003

For the last segment of her MIND | his MIND I wanted to have a little fun and in my true spontaneous nature, I took Ashley downtown.

I've always wanted to live in New York but the way the snow is set up, I don't think I could handle it. (Fun Fact: I'm originally from Miami, Florida but I currently live in Houston). So the weather was always a big factor for me so when I had this random vision of a subway train I knew it was influenced by this old dream of mine.

Seeing that I live in Houston, I took advantage of what we have to offer especially since the city is changing downtown. I wanted to shoot something outside of my norm since I don't shoot street photography/fashion often.

I immediately thought of my friend Ashley to bring this vision to life. I reached out to her and she was down.

A couple of days before the shoot I told her to "wear your favorite sneakers" and come ready to have fun. that was my only direction.

On the day of the shoot, we met downtown at a coffee shop and we caught up, it has been some time since I've seen Ashley. Then we took a ride on the metro rail, which is the closes thing I was getting to a subway in Houston lol. This was back in November of 2019 and while it wasn't freezing we had a little breeze.

Here is my take on street/fashion photography and as you view the images from her project listen to our short conversation.


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