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Her Mind | His Mind 002

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Since I started photography I mainly shot outside so learning how to shoot in natural light was my main focus. Then one day when i was speaking with a client about their vision for their shoot they sent over a image that was in a studio and I instantly started to panic and sweat a little bit lol.

I avoided studio photography simply because i didn't know how to use artificial lights, the natural light the God provides was much easier to me.

So when I finally got the courage to shoot in a studio I did a maternity session for my sister and then my fears went away, slightly. Her images, to my surprise, were amazing but I knew I needed to keep practicing.

One day I was scrolling on IG and I saw an image and was like "Oooo I want to shoot something like this, I will do this". I reached out to Chloe and told her my vision and how I would love for her to be my muse and she accepted with no hesitation.

On the day of the shoot, I became overwhelmed. The lightning wasn't working the way I expected, the music would not play so I could set the mood and get the vibe right. I was stressing out and the fears that I thought I conquered slowly crept back in but I pushed through. I made the best of the shoot. I adjusted and stuck to what I knew. Shouts out to Chloe' who reminded me the entire session that what I was creating was going to be magic. She continued to reassure me everything was going to be okay. I was taking a risk with trying something new. The following day when I looked at the photos I was very proud of myself and very happy with images I was able to capture. I laughed for being soooo hard on myself!

Here is my take on studio photography highlighting Chloe' whose natural essence cannot be overlooked. She was in her element, I didn't have to say much or give her direction the entire shoot and her fro showed up and showed out, as usual.

As you view the images from her project listen to our short conversation.



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